Tuesday, 21 June 2016


If there's one place my kid likes to go then it's the beach. She could more than happily spend entire days building castles, jumping through waves & wriggling those cute little toes in the sand. Unfortunately I hate the beach. The sand gets everywhere (EVERYWHERE), the salt water plays havoc with my hair & given I'm not a strong swimmer, I find the deep end of the pool scary enough ta. So me? Well I'll always choose a sun lounger next to the hotel swimming pool. But Ava? 

Beach. Every single time...

So when Buchanan Galleries got in touch recently to tell us about their amazing new Indoor Beach I genuinely thought Ava's head was going to explode. A beach in a shopping centre. She literally couldn't get her head around it. Kinda like when people try to talk to me about infinity. It's so much for my little brain to handle that I have to put my hands over my ears and yell La La La till they stop talking...

You can imagine Ava's delight when she found out that not only were we going to a beach inside an actual shopping centre, but that she was being taken shopping for some photo worthy summer outfits first. Try and imagine a 4 year old Julia Roberts strutting around Buchanan Galleries picking out clothes and leaving a wake of devastation in her trail and that's pretty much what the hour before our mini photo shoot consisted of.

Fun though. 

So much fun...

In fact the whole experience was fun. Major fun. Post shopping we made our way to the 'beach' to have even more fun and take some pics. This amazing  indoor beach brings all the fun of the seaside inside and best of all? It's all for charity as it's in support of Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity. We couldn't think of a worthier cause!

With 8 tons of golden sand, colourful Caribbean style surroundings, deck chairs, slides, buckets & spades & loads more, this is the ultimate way to treat your little ones without having to leave the city. And you can even relax with a drink & watch them have fun without getting sand in your hair. Bonus.

The beach is open between 11am and 5pm until August 14th and only costs £2 per child for 30 minutes play. Even better £1 of that goes directly to Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity! If that is not money well spent then I don't know what is. 

Ava had an absolute blast last Friday and has been begging me to go back ever since so I highly recommend you get yourselves down there this summer!

Post in collaboration with Buchanan Galleries. For more information you can follow Buchanan Galleries on Twitter @GlasgowShopping or on Facebook!

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