Monday, 27 June 2016


  1. Regime Coconut Quench Capsules. I forever want to be that girl you see wandering round the Farmers Market post-Hatha, looking gorgeous & glowy with her hair in a top knot, working a pair of yoga pants & clutching her bottle of VitaCoco. Unfortunately my ass hasn't seen yoga pants in two years, I don't even know where my yoga mat went & I can't stand the taste of coconut water. Step in the above pack of  Regime London Coconut Quench Capsules, which I was kindly sent to sample. All the health benefits of drinking numerous bottles of coconut water without having to actually taste the horrid stuff. I'm halfway through the month & will keep you posted...
  2. My Ex. Bet you didn't see that one coming. But let me tell you how handy it is to not only stay on good terms with your ex but for them to keep scoring you seriously tasty free food thanks to their job as a chef. So far, I've wangled an entire Chateaubriand & some of the saltiest, smokiest & nicest Pancetta I've ever tasted. So defo staying on his good side.
  3. Celebrity Masterchef. Speaking of chefs, how good is Celebrity Masterchef already? I have one position on the sofa and that is horizontal & I have been loving throwing myself down of an evening, getting the snacks out and watching Cannon (of Cannon & Ball fame) arse everything up while Donna Air puts on that ridiculous accent.
  4. Topolo Bamba. I'm the first to admit I avoided this restaurant for a very long time due to an, erm slightly questionable PR stunt they pulled when they first opened. However tales of how good the food was finally got the better of me and I ventured in over the weekend. Believe the hype. We went for 4 dishes to share but it simply wasn't enough & I can't wait to go back.
  5. Roadtrip Plans. I have 3 or 4 little nights away planned over the coming two months & I am super excited for every single one of them, starting with a boat ride over to Bute in July. There's a phrase kicking about - 'Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures'. And there is nothing this girl likes more than a good adventure...
  6. BRGR. Ava & I have been finding ourselves eating dinner in here post-work on a Friday a little too often recently. But with £4 burgers & £2 bottles of beer, why the hell not? The best part of now being a 9-5er is the buzzy little Friday feeling you get at the end of each working week. And you have to celebrate it somehow. Right?
  7. Exercising my right. To vote. I'm a little ashamed to admit that until the recent EU Referendum I had never voted. Or took too much interest in politics. But armed with a new found thirst for current affairs and the knowledge that it would make my late Papa super proud, I spent the past few months reading everything I could on Brexit & watching all the debates on TV. I was really taken aback at how affected I was by the result. It's an interesting time to suddenly develop an interest in politics and while I will largely be keeping my views off the internet, I know that I will be fully utilising my right to vote from now on.
  8. Edinburgh. The beautiful city of Edinburgh is where I studied Psychology and where I lived for almost 6 years. Although I missed it incredibly when I first left, I have to admit that Glasgow has finally stolen my heart and is now both my spiritual & literal home. But that doesn't mean I don't LOVE an opportunity to visit my old stomping ground now and again and I was given the perfect chance at a recent girls lunch at The Granary in Leith. Delicious food, lovely company and the sun shone all day!
  9. My car. I finally stopped procrastinating and got the bodywork on my car fixed. My lovely little red Peugeot is now scratch (my fault) free and dent (someone else's fault) free! All I need to do now is get that cracked number plate (someone else's fault) fixed & we are good to go. OK the cracked number plate was me. WHAT?
  10. Accessories. I am so not an accessories girl. I don't know why but it always feels like such a hassle. It takes enough energy for me to get myself dressed never mind messing about finding matching earrings. But I've been working belts, bracelets & necklaces into my outfits recently and it kinda makes me feel like I've got my shit together. Know what I mean?

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