Sunday, 17 July 2016


Weekends are a bit of a big deal for me these days. Until 8 months ago, I worked shifts. And a Sunday for me usually involved working until about 10pm. Now that I am an official bonefide nine to fiver, the weekend brings about a lovely, buzzy excitement and I fill them with as much food, sight seeing and fun things to do as I possibly can.

This massive change in my work pattern is about more than just seeking two consecutive days off in a row. It's symbolic of where I am in my life and of who I have become. Of how my outlook and goals have changed. Our albeit small (but perfectly formed) little family unit of 2 works so much better now I have an office based job. Ava's nursery hours tie in perfectly with my work ones and I no longer have the stress of trying to find a sitter so I can work the odd Saturday. Truth is, working Monday to Friday 9-5pm as a single mama, is pretty much domestic bliss. 

This weekend ended up being a pretty great one. It started on Friday with a road trip to Perth. Two mamas and two very excited girls. And although not everything went entirely to plan (thanks to a whole heap of rush hour traffic, a terrible nights sleep and two pretty grumpy children), there were still lots of laughs along the way.

My first child free Saturday in a while wasn't exactly how I had originally planned it. But turns out that plan changes, much like life, can creep up and surprise you when you are least expecting it. And it turns out eating room service, drinking beer & talking most of the way through a movie while behaving like a bit of a teenager is kinda fun...

The fact Ava spent last night with her Dad meant a very longed for lie in and let me tell you that I devoured every delicious extra second of sleep this morning. Not waking until way after 10am, only to make a massive mug of tea and find myself snuggled back under my duvet again. The only thing that actually managed to rouse me from my sleepy little cacoon was a phone call from my sister & talk of a road trip to Luss.

So with the camera in the boot, caffeine in our blood and Swifty on the radio, we set off to Luss. Where we ate seafood at The Luss Seafood Bar, snapped pretty pictures and talked way too much about boys.

But the weekend's not over yet. So despite a pile of dirty laundry higher than me, a million emails that need replying to and a car that I have been saying I will clean out for ages, I am snuggled back into that old bed of mine. Watching Outlander through one eye and the clock through the other. About to end a really sweet little weekend with some Chinese food in what must be the only restaurant in Giffnock that I haven't actually tried yet.

Recently, I haven't been able to escape this feeling that better days are coming.

And I think they might be called Saturday & Sunday.

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