Monday, 11 July 2016

Smoke n' Mirrors

Recently I've been thinking about photographs. I follow a few photographers & bloggers on Instagram and their photos quite frankly put mine to shame. I was also prompted to think about photographs when I read this blog post about why it's ok to only post the good stuff and why we shouldn't apologise for it. Gillian's words really resonated with me.We shouldn't apologise if we only feel like posting the good stuff. Because a picture doesn't tell a full story. 

A picture might tell a thousand words. 

But it can be any words you like. Can't it?

You can pretend you have the best life in the world through the social media platform that is Instagram. You can set up lifestyle shots that would make The Londoner look like a novice blogger if you so wish. But you could be absolutely miserable at the time. I'm aware of the fact that my Instagram might sometimes be deceiving. But that's simply cause I don't bother posting the bad bits. Because who even that does anyway?

I'm not saying I expend a huge amount of energy pretending to be happy when I'm not. But it's a lot easier to put out the good stuff than post the bad. And while I have no issue being brutally honest about the harder bits of life on this blog, I am much more attuned to doing it retrospectively. After I have got the rubbish bit over with and I'm feeling better and more positive about the future.

My Instagram feed is generally full of happy things. Because my life is generally happy. And being happy is good. No, actually being happy is great. And it's a luxury I believe one should never take for granted. But in the interests of that searing honesty I seem to be getting known for, remember this the next time you are looking through my Instragram feed...

Behind every sickening selfie of a wonderfully annoying but amazing mother/daughter relationship is often a tantrumming child just got sent to her bedroom for being cheeky.

Behind every well put together lifestyle blog post is a girl who spent the hour before she wrote it looking at the Reiss sale online & Googling her favourite Swifty YouTube video because she simply couldn't think of anything to write about.

Behind every good post holiday tan is usually an extra flattering filter.

Behind every amazing meal and glass of champagne is a mum who barely scrapes enough together to pay the rent but can't live without her indulgences.

Behind every good food pic is a cold dinner because I've spent so long messing around trying to get the best shot.

Behind every picture there's a story. And you can drink as much fizz as you like, eat out in as many nice restaurants as you fancy & go on as many nights away as you can afford to. But it's not going to change the fact that no matter what you post on Instagram, it will still always rain in Scotland ;)

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