Saturday, 22 October 2016


  1. Winter Prep. I've been stockpiling the cosiest of knit jumpers and bulk buying toastie PJ sets & fluffy slippers for Ava. I've also been digging out all my oldest and tastiest slow cooker recipes and stocking up on tons of scented candles and new hot water bottles. Winter - we're ready for ya.
  2. Bagging my first Munro. And speaking of 'prepping', I might be getting a teensy bit nervous at the prospect of climbing my first Munro very soon. I've arranged to tackle Ben Arthur with my gorgeous pal Kirsty soon and while I'm excited, I'm getting a wee bit nervous as well. I swore I wouldn't let this year end without doing something massively out of my comfort zone and this seemed like the ideal thing. Wish me luck!
  3. Running in the rain. Given I don't really know many other runners, I have no idea if it's weird or not but I can't get enough of running in the rain. I don't understand these people who prefer to run in the sun or who go out there wrapped up in various layers. I'm a bare skin, see my breath in the air, the colder the better type runner. So there.
  4. Manis & Mocktails. Ava & I had a bit of a girls day last Sunday along with my Mum and sister. We did a long lunch, lots of shopping, got our nails done and then treated our pint sized pal to a Mocktail. It was the best afternoon and I love how utterly girly she has become!
  5. Soup Season. I think it might have been a whole two or three blog posts since I mentioned making soup. I need little excuse to make soup. I am basically a soup making machine. Recent highlights include a delicious Autumnal type butternut squash affair and an amazing detox beetroot and veg soup that ended up tasting a lot better than it sounded.
  6. Veggie Options. I'm still making a real effort when I eat out to choose fish and veggie options over meatier alternatives and it's amazing how many more nutrients you can cram into your diet this way. I'm choosing things like veggie wraps instead of chicken ones and opting for vegetarian hotel fry ups instead of my usual bacon and sausage. If only I could stop stuffing my face with endless bowls of crisps and massive glasses of wine then perhaps I might start to feel the benefit of it...
  7. The Mothership being back. However all the restaurant food, take away dinners, bowls of crisps and glasses of wine are the consequence of my mum visiting for two weeks. During which time we pretty much indulge in all of the aforementioned every single day. I would be lying if I said I wasn't starting to feel the effects of such continuous & gluttonous indulgences but I only have her back for a couple more days so I intend to make the most of it. Pass the cheese & onion.
  8. The Missing. I was glued to series one of this amazing BBC drama and was suspicious that any following seasons would never live up to the first. However after one episode I am hooked! I foresee a fair bit of binge watching in bed coming up.
  9. Our Lego Castle. After about of year of begging, we finally made a return trip to Ava's favourite castle last weekend. If you've been then you will understand the nickname. Suffice to say I was as useless at spotting the tiny Lego people they had hidden in each room this time as I was the last time. But it's the taking part that counts anyway so whatevs.
  10. Road trips. This weekend three generations of Youngs took a wee road trip up to Oban for a few days. We not only had an amazing time but we got lots of great snaps, spent far too much money in gift shops and I got to indulge my obsession by ticking another castle off my list! 

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