Tuesday, 25 October 2016


  • Friday night veggie burger courtesy of The Handmade Burger Company. I hardly ever touch red meat anymore and in all honesty I hardly miss it. Except bacon. I'm never giving up bacon so don't try and make me.
  • Delicious detox Beetroot Soup I made recently that I expected to have to force myself to eat but that actually ended up being quite nice.
  • Omega Salmon & Egg loaf I also whipped up after being passed the recipe by the lovely Clean Eating Running Mama. This tastes just like leftover Frittata and I have been slicing it up and eating it for breakfast on my way out the door. Which is usually the only way I eat breakfast.
  • Prosecco in Peebles with the lovely Charlene. We might have visited on what was the quietest night of the calendar year, and been looked at like we were aliens when we requested oil & vinegar with our crusty bread at the local Italian, but a giggle was had nonetheless.

  • Cutest little micro pumpkins I spotted in Sainsburys recently. Ava & I have big plans to gut a few of these, fill them with tealights and dot them around the flat this Halloween.
  • Yummy fish & chips recently at The Minishant Inn. If I'm doing a pub lunch then you can pretty much bet your ass I will only ever order fish & chips or gammon steak and these sole fillets were delicious. This place is a must try if you are planning any little road trips to Ayrshire.
  • Mocktails with my main girl at Warehouse in the Merchant City. Which we were reliably informed was actually closing down that very day. Excited to see what opens up there next!
  • A medley of Russian starters accompanied by Espresso Martinis at Cafe Cossachok. I wasn't sure what to expect on my first visit to the only Russian restaurant in Scotland and while I was a little nonplussed by the food, those £4 Martinis will more than likely tempt me back.

  • I came down to my car the other morning to find the streets awash with the prettiest leaves in an array of autumnal colours. We all know how much I like a bit of Autumn so obviously I got a snap.
  • The majestic Culzean Castle. This is by far one of the grandest castles we have visited and we had a lovely day exploring the grounds and playing in the brand new adventure playground!
  • Yummy Chinese feast with the fam the night before we took off on a little road trip up to Oban. I only recently started dining in Jasmine One, despite the fact it is only along the road from me. But the food is pretty tasty and don't even talk to me about how good those giant prawns are!
  • Ripped jeans and killer heels. My new favourite fashion combo for nights on the town downing cocktails.

  • More fish & chips. I told you I was a creature of habit. This time at The Tyndrum Inn on the way up to Oban. I've stopped here once for a glass of wine on a long journey home from the Isle of Skye but it certainly didn't strike me as somewhere I should dine. However I stand corrected as these were the best fish & chips I've eaten in a long time. I will most definitely be stopping for more on my next jaunt back up north.
  • Amazing array of chocolates at The Oban Chocolate Shop. Unfortunately I was limited to a block of the really dark, good stuff as I am still off the dairy but Ava went nuts spending her pocket money on marshmallow lollipops and chocolate mice.
  • Scallops served with cauliflower puree & deep fried samphire. I've only just jumped on the samphire wagon but boy is it good. Where have I been?

  • Beautiful old Scottish books that I took great delight in perusing (and maybe even sniffing) during a recent visit to Dunollie Castle & Museum.
  • Vegetable Karachi at Mother India recently. My fridge is still bursting with the leftovers...
  • Gorgeous moment captured from the top of the hill at the aforementioned Dunollie Castle. I feel like every single day I fall deeper and deeper in love with this beautiful country of ours.
  • And finally my favourite dish of dressed crab, chips and crusty bread washed down with a very cold, crisp glass of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at seafood restaurant Ee-Usk. That meal was basically nirvana to me.

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