Tuesday, 15 November 2016


  • An early birthday present from Mama Chaos. I had originally planned on getting blue Converse as the mother inside me knew I would never keep the white ones clean. But they had no blue ones in my size so I just went for it. You only live once and all that.
  • Mid-morning soya lattes. Despite the fact I've been threatening to get a pod machine for what feels like forever, there's something so fulfilling about making your morning cuppa from scratch in a proper machine. Even if it is a bitch to clean.
  • Delicious Thai style mussels from The White Elephant on what was my Mum's last night in the UK. Ava's still not speaking to me for ordering pigeon as my starter.
  • My little Bamfire dressed up for a night of Trick or Treating. Let me tell you, it took us weeks to work out what she wanted to dress up as this Halloween. But isn't she the cutest wee vampire you ever seen?

  • Our Saturdays usually always involve lazy cafe lunches and the wee old lady who served us our  lentil soup & bacon croissants on this particular Saturday was the sweetest wee old woman you ever did see. Ava even scored a free lollipop. She's always doing that.
  • Beautiful scenery recently at Mugdock Country Park where we fed the ducks, explored Mugdock castle & bought novelty gifts in the Christmas shop. We came home from this particular adventure with a glow in our cheeks & mud all over our jeans but it was worth every minute.
  • The amazing looking gatehouse at aforementioned Mugdock Park and the location of that cute wee tearoom we fell in love with.
  • Decorating our little flat for Halloween. I'm not afraid to admit I am the worst pumpkin carverer ever. But at least we tried.

  • Exploring the woods with Ava. Where we were chased by dragons and had to jump over the stream to get away from the snakes. I love that little imagination.
  • Halloween chocolate bark. Because cookies that looked like skeletons and cupcakes that resembled spiders just seemed too damn difficult.
  • More Halloween fun at Holmwood House. We enjoyed spooky story telling, hid from real life zombies and even went apple dooking in the gardens. I would highly recommend this place for Halloween and we are already planning on going back for Christmas.
  • Another week another castle! Ava exclaimed the other day to me that she was 'sick of castles'. So she'll be less than chuffed when she discovers what we're up to this weekend ;)

  • If we're not indulging in slices of cake and home made soup of a weekend then you can bet your ass we're indulging in a fry up instead. I am currently on a one woman quest to find the best breakfast in Glasgow and this one was enjoyed in south side institution The Brooklyn Cafe.
  • I picked up a salad bar recently from Whole Foods and discovered that after years of trying, I finally love tofu. Between the yoga and all the meditating, it was bound to happen eventually.
  • A recent trip to Baffo, where my appetite let me down and I couldn't quite manage a pizza. The antipasto was pretty decent though and I'm looking forward to returning soon for one of those delicious looking pizzas.
  • Gorgeous snap of Ava caught unaware while exploring some woodlands. It's moments like those that make you wish they could stay little forever.

  • Delicious paella recently at Cubatas, where we were treated to some amazing Spanish food and wine and the best Patatas Bravas I have ever tasted, which was better than any I ordered last year in Spain (and I ordered a lot). Cannot wait to go back and get me some more.
  • Who takes a bottle of Patron to a baby shower? Me is who. I had the best time catching up with some very old friends through in Edinburgh the other weekend which may have culminated in some late night tequila drinking whilst the mum to be could only look on in amusement. I had the best night though and definitely don't see any of those old uni faces nearly enough.
  • I am pretty much a cucumber in my gin type snob these days and rarely drink it with anything else. However my latest obsession is gin with grapefruit and rosemary. An idea I unashamedly stole from Valencia Gin. I'm a gin hipster and I don't care who knows it.
  • A perfect plus one to Shearer Candles recent #scentinthecity event. We had the loveliest little night catching up with our candle making friends and perusing the new store and latest Christmas collection. Not only that but we both discovered a new favourite - Ae Fond Kiss smells divine and we have been burning it throughout our little flat ever since.


Ananyah said...

Geeez you make me sound like a hermit with everything you've been up to lately!

You'll never get me loving tofu though. Shivers.

Glasgow Mummy said...

All sounds & looks lovely (except the tofu!) x