Tuesday, 31 October 2017


  1. Water. What is it about being near water (or more specifically lochs) that is so soothing? Or maybe it's because doing so usually also involves the prospect of leisurely walks, nights away & crisps and a pint in the local boozer. Recent escapes include a day trip to Linlithgow & a wander around their loch, an overnight stay at Loch Lomond, some pretty picture taking of Loch Long & a couple of Sunday road trips up to Loch Fyne.
  2. The Gin Bothy. I attended an event recently at Gin71 and was lucky enough to be introduced to this fabulous Scottish drinks company. More importantly, I was lucky enough to be introduced to their amazing Gunshot Mulled Gin. Now I am a big fan of a mulled drink or two come the festive season and I cannot wait to get my hands on a bottle for Christmas! 
  3. Abandoned Buildings. I think my summer jaunt to Buchanan Castle earlier in the year must have sparked something because I am getting all kinds of obsessed with exploring abandoned buildings. Recent highlights include checking out an old abandoned dairy farm in Renfrewshire & the derelict Hartwoodhill Hospital near Shotts. Nothing can beat the goosebumps and atmosphere of these places and I'm exciting to also be checking out Dunmore House this weekend.
  4. This time of year. My favourite time of year is upon us and I am loving the darker evenings and revelling in the colder nights. I'm burning my scented candles every night and bashing out soups and stews like it's nobody's business. Last night I managed to make a delicious spiced curry with the pumpkin we picked up recently at Arnprior Farm, along with a massive pot of steaming pumpkin soup and I have big plans for a slow cooked beef & ale stew this weekend.
  5. The perfect black jumpsuit. I have been searching for the perfect black jumpsuit pretty much my whole adult life (I kid you not), so I was delighted when I finally picked up the outfit of my dreams in New Look recently for a mere £25. I'm now transfixed on finding something similar but with spaghetti straps & a splash of colour in time for all the Christmas parties.
  6. The Boyd Roderick. I genuinely cannot talk this amazing south side bar and restaurant up enough and was majorly delighted to spend my recent 34th birthday in there celebrating. Highlights included some pretty tasty Dirty Martinis, some very tasty pork belly & a bottle of one of the nicest Marlborough Sauv Blancs I've had in a long time. If you live in the south side, then this place is most definitely where it's at.
  7. Loop & Scoop.  I headed along to the media launch night of the UK's first ice cream & churros bar a couple of weeks ago and I was in sugar heaven. May I recommend the dulce de leche filled churros? And that you wear your stretchy pants?
  8. The Loch Fyne Oyster Bar. Best langoustines of my life. Washed down with a seriously good bottle of salty, French Muscadet. Enough said.
  9. The Rest & Be Thankful. I will never get enough of this amazing road, it's stunning scenery & it's beautiful views. Or how lucky I am to live just over an hours drive from it.
  10. Airth Castle. When I saw a deal recently for this hotel I grabbed it with both hands. Mainly because I had been dying to check out this strange building that is shaped like a pineapple (and located right next to it) for so long. We  had a great time relaxing in the spa, stuffing our faces in the restaurant and devouring cake and crisps n our PJ's in our hotel room later on. Massive love for this gorgeous, relaxing hotel. I can't wait to return.

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