Wednesday, 8 January 2014

This week.....

  • I finally got round to putting my favourite print onto canvas and hanging it over Ava's bed. I'm convinced that because I hung it myself (hello single motherhood), it is going to fall off in the middle of the night and land on her head. Neurotic mum much?
  • I am still devouring this chilli oil by the spoonful and drizzling it all over anything I can get my hands on
  • I am TRYING to keep my new L'occitane handcream for special and make it last. Which is difficult with a 2 year old who insists on copying every single move Mummy makes. Which means when I use hand cream, she uses hand cream. When I put on my lip gloss, she gets some lip gloss. You catch my drift...
  • I'm still loving Sangletangle's blog. With amazing pictures and such beautifully put together words, it is a delight to read
  • I'm also still obsessed with the Wunderlist app for my iPhone. I love lists. Without lists I would be lost. Lists do it for me
  • I'm also dealing with the TiVo going on the blink AGAIN. It's fixed now but I lost all of my recordings as they had to give me a new box. I tried to act nonchalant in front of the engineer. I mean, it's just telly right? I have a life so doesn't matter does it? I cried when he left.
  • I finally got round to ordering In Cold Blood by Truman Capote & the Tom O'Dell album. Late to the party but excited for both
  • I am wondering what happened to all the Christmas telly? I always look forward to the back to back Christmas TV viewing every year but was it me or was there absolutely nothing on this year? What? I DO have a life....
  • I'm concentrating on making my new word for 2014 'moderation'. Sick of setting myself unrealistic resolutions I never keep, I am trying to just enjoy all the good things in life without going overboard. Example in point: trying to drink less wine during the week and realising I don't actually have to eat the whole pizza. However, I am an all or nothing kinda gal. So we will see how it goes
  • we've been eating Froyo at Cheer Me Up on Pollokshaws Road. Glasgow has been needing a frozen yogurt outlet for quite some time. Original yogurt with pistachios and caramel sauce all the way.
  • we also finally got round to having brunch at The Glad Cafe. Although I love the ethics of this place and the food was good, I left feeling underwhelmed. This could have been down to disjointed service and a rubbish table so I will definitely be giving it another bash at some point

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P said...

Mmm... froyo. I remember a place in Princes Square used to do it years ago. It was such a treat for us when our mum took us into town. I want some!!!x