Friday, 28 November 2014

Last Wednesday I Fell In Love

A last minute website provided a cheap B&B for the night. A 3 year long desire to try the award winning Nahm-Jim restaurant provided the food factor. A weeks annual leave and a baby girl who spends her Wednesday's at her Dad's provided the opportunity. And so just a couple of nights ago we found ourselves in the picturesque town of St. Andrews.

A miserable and dreary drive through Fife only to discover that the Secret Bunker was closed (wrong season). An unorganised girl (that would be me) who booked a brewery tour for the Thursday only to discover that the timings wouldn't fit in with being back in Glasgow in time for the school run. 
The restaurant we so wanted to try had closed down months ago. The rain during the whole trip gave us only a slight reprieve to dodge between pubs and restaurants. And the hotel? Let's just say it was rustic.

And not a single damn one of these things spoiled our trip. In fact, it kind of added to the fun. Laughing at ourselves for not checking websites properly. Taking the mick out of our rather rude and unhelpful waiter in the restaurant that night instead of creating drama or making fuss. Sheepishly agreeing the next morning that neither of us fancied drinking ever again never mind going on a brewery tour.

In a pretty town awash with cobbled streets (that refuses to have traffic lights), we perused book shops before dinner. We drank local gin and watched students congregate for after lecture drinks. We found a boozer & caught some of the football with the locals. And we ate the best scallops and steaks I have had in some time. We watched the horses galloping along the beach and the die hard golfers try not to get swept away in weather I guess could only be expected of Scotland in November. We wandered the high street clutching hot lattes and bought me much more weather appropriate boots when the rain started to leak into my misguidedly put on pumps. We bought beautiful books for little eyes to read and as per I went nuts in the local farm shop.

One night was most definitely not enough in this beautiful little town that I am pretty darn sure I fell in love with last Wednesday.


Pink Pom Poms said...

I nearly got really excited there that Nahm-jim's was open again! I only went once, but it was lovely. I love going to St Andrews, we often go over for lunch and a wander. You should go back in the summer, there is a steak barn at the Balgove Larder, which is amazing! Where did you have the amazing steak?

Anna x

Dawn Young said...

Jealous you got to go before it closed. We ate in Playfairs. The food was lovely and it was so reasonably priced but our waiter was awful! We visited Balgrove & saw the barn all piled up with crates. Must go back in the summer! X