Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Claudi & Fin

My biggest bugbear is probably how ridiculously fussy my child is. Given how much I love food and cooking, the fact that Ava refuses to eat anything that isn't beige kills me sometimes. Despite various attempts to get her to at least taste a fruit or vegetable, the only time she actually digests such things is when I cunningly manage to hide them in something else. Which isn't very often. 

She's clever, that one. 

Breakfast is limited to cereal or a croissant, lunch is usually mac n cheese, chicken nuggets or a massive huff and the most exotic thing I can get her to eat at dinner time is plain couscous or pasta. Everything else is a no go. Except sweets and ice-cream. Obvs.

So imagine my delight when someone asked me if I fancied tricking her into eating Greek yoghurt under the pretence that it was ice-cream. Claudi & Fin  recently sent us some of their lollies over to try and they did not last very long. In fact I struggled to get a lick. Ava loves these things and sees them as a proper dessert after dinner. Her favourite being strawberry although she is partial to the occasional mango. Which is a massive improvement on her previous requests for a big bowl of Haribo for pudding. These lollies contain considerably less sugar and are packed with Vitamin D and natural fruits. The best part is Ava can't believe she is getting ice-cream post pasta every night.

So we know what that means don't we?

Mama: one.

 Ava: nil. 

If you fancy getting one over on your kid then head down to Sainsbury's or Waitrose where you can stock up on all Claudi & Fin's lollies.

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