Monday, 11 January 2016


  1. These Valley Mill Coconut Wax Melts. Which I have been lighting every night when I get home from work then enjoying the indulgent smells that waft around my flat shortly after. Coconut is one of my favourite smells and I try to incorporate it into everything I do including cooking, moisturising and washing my hair. The best part is one of these little wax melts lasts an eternity. Big thank you to Valley Mill for sending me them to try. I love them!
  2. London Graffiti. Which is absolutely everywhere. Some unbelievably artistic and impressive. Some simply thought provoking. Other recent London loves include Borough Market (Glasgow Farmers Markets just don't compare) and those Monkey Fingers at MeatMission! 
  3. Books, books & more books. I promised myself I would make a bigger effort to read this year. Life is so busy that it currently takes me around 6 months to read one whole book from cover to cover. I've started already and am excited to get my book mojo back again.
  4. New recipes. A busy festive period means I've been relying way too much on eating out and my local Chinese delivery service for dinner. No more though. I have a list as long as my arm of healthy recipes to try and I can't wait to get back in the kitchen.
  5. New skincare. Another resolution. Previously my skincare regime consisted of Dove soap, a swipe of cheap moisturiser and maybe a little Clinique eye cream if I was feeling decadent. However some fellow blogging gals gave me some inspo and I've been planning DIY home facials once a week and stocking up on La Roche Posay products. Finally acting like a grown up.
  6. Story time. Which has taken an interesting twist. Ava is going through a stage of wanting a completely made up in my head story told to her every night. Which certainly has been interesting. If not a little taxing on the old brain. But totally worth it when I see those big blue eyes lighting up every time we get to a good bit.
  7. Healthy snacks. I know - I am a total January cliche. But I've been stocking up on crunchy rice cakes, thick, spicy hoummous and salty kale chips in an attempt to stop me reaching for the left-over Christmas chocolate this week.
  8. My new vintage radio.  Which I had been coveting for ages and now takes pride of place in the hallway next to a ridiculous amount of scented candles and all those unread books I was telling you about.
  9. Lush. I think the best part of Christmas for me is all the amazing Lush products I am left with every January. The best way to while your way through Winter. I've even turned Ava into a Lush convert and her bath is simply not complete these days without an Ickle Babybot bath bomb! 
  10. Dry January. Despite being an unashamed wine lover, this Champagne loving gal definitely indulged in way too much over the festive period and while I am not folly enough to commit to a completely 'Dry January', I am most definitely keeping my wine swilling ways till the weekend for the foreseeable.

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