Monday, 18 January 2016


  • As I don't normally eat breakfast (I know), I've been treating myself to some excellent brunches come the weekend. Like the above eggs cooked in kale, parmesan & cream. Or the Shakshuka recipe I cooked yesterday. Always eggs. Always with a homemade flat white. And always with hot buttered toast to dunk.
  • I finally made it to Hutcheson's for some breakfast. Another one that did not disappoint. A lot of girl chat, some flaky croissants and some seriously good black pudding made this an excellent way to spend a Sunday in my eyes.
  • Still making all the soup. Still persevering with making my own stock even though it never turns out great. I have tried all the tips but it's always so watery. As I write this I am roasting extra chicken wings to throw in the stock pot on the recommendation of a chef. Wish me luck.
  • Roast dinners for one. Totally cool or completely tragic? Either way it tasted good and I may have eaten that entire plate up there.

  • My canape game was oh so strong on Christmas day with these little brie, truffle, proscuitto & asparagus gems. It's a shame I cracked my head open just before my guests arrived and they were treated to a screaming Ava and a profusely bleeding me as they walked through the door. Oops.
  • My little kitchen buddy helping with the veg. If only I could get her to actually eat some...
  • An amazing gin flight with my sister at Gin 71 which was accompanied by our very own carbonated soda siphon for skooshing. Yes that's a word.
  • Ice-cream sundaes and some seriously good neon at Jelly Bear recently with Last Year's Girl. Did I mention that Sundays are my favourite?

  • I took myself off down to London at the beginning of the month for a catch up with a very good friend and to eat and drink everything. And that I did. Starting with plane spotting in the airport, followed on by Saturday lunch at Shake Shack, full fry-ups at Canary Wharf and crab donuts at The Chiltern Firehouse. I would love to tell you that's all the places we ate in but that would be a big fat lie. 

  • More fizz over Christmas at Tabac with Charlene where they served the wine in old style champagne flutes. Which is very cool apart from the fact I kept spilling it on myself. Not sure I am very good at this adulting to be honest.
  • Does anyone else still have an inordinate amount of Christmas chocolate in their cupboards? I'm seriously thinking about padlocking our naughty cupboard and just letting Ava be in charge of the key.
  • Farmers markets on cold Saturday mornings when you can see your breath in the air and the only way to make it round without freezing is by clutching a hot latte and maybe munching on a bacon roll. I've changed my mind - maybe Saturdays are my favourite.
  • Playing with Ava's doll house. We set up that entire abode. Every room. Until a massive spider crawled out of the bottom bedroom. Needless to say we put the dolls house away after that.

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